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Review of Local Community and Commercial Radio Stations in Logan, Queensland

Logan, Queensland is a bustling city with a variety of local community and commercial radio stations that are receivable in the area. Here's a breakdown of each station:

Community Radio Stations

1. 101FM Logan City

Band: FM; Frequency: 101.1 MHz

This community radio station caters to Logan City and surrounding areas, featuring a mix of music, local news, and talkback programs. Listeners can tune in to enjoy shows like the Morning Mix, Soundtrack of our Lives, and the Drive Show, among others.

2. 4CRB

Band: FM; Frequency: 89.3 MHz

4CRB is a community radio station that broadcasts from the Gold Coast but is receivable in Logan. The station plays a variety of music, including easy listening, country, and classic hits.

3. 96five Family Radio

Band: FM; Frequency: 96.5 MHz

This community radio station caters to families and plays a mix of music, as well as talkback programs focused on parenting, relationships, and other family-related topics.

Commercial Radio Stations

1. Hit 105 Brisbane

Band: FM; Frequency: 105.3 MHz

Hit 105 is a popular commercial radio station that broadcasts from Brisbane but is also available in Logan. The station plays contemporary hits and pop music, as well as providing news, sports updates, and talkback programs.

2. Triple M Brisbane

Band: FM; Frequency: 104.5 MHz

This commercial radio station plays a mix of classic and contemporary rock music. Triple M also provides news, sports updates, and talkback programs, including the popular Grill Team morning show.

3. 97.3 FM Brisbane

Band: FM; Frequency: 97.3 MHz

This commercial radio station specializes in playing a mix of contemporary hits and easy listening music. It also features talkback programs, including the Robin, Terry and Bob breakfast show and the 97.3FM Workday.

4. Nova 106.9 Brisbane

Band: FM; Frequency: 106.9 MHz

Nova 106.9 is a popular commercial radio station that plays a mix of contemporary hits, as well as providing news, sports updates and talkback programs. Its breakfast show, featuring hosts Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie, is particularly popular with listeners.

5. ABC Radio Brisbane

Band: AM; Frequency: 612 kHz

This commercial radio station is a member of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, providing national and international news, as well as local news, weather, and programs. Its talkback programs cover a range of topics, including current affairs, health, and technology.

In summary, Logan, Queensland, has plenty of options when it comes to community and commercial radio stations. Whether you're looking for music or talkback programs, there's something for everyone on the airwaves.

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