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Critter Kill
Critter Kill
Phone: 1300 545 537
South Brisbane.
Queensland, Australia.

Critter Kill

Pest Management Services

Concerned about the presence of cockroaches crawling across your counters and tainting your food? Annoyed by ants parading through your kitchen, rodents scurrying on your floors, and termites silently gnawing away at your home? We have the solutions!

At CritterKill, we provide top-tier pest management services in Brisbane. Your contentment and value for money is our utmost concern, and we can guarantee a pest-free environment on your premises.


There exist three primary termite species we routinely address: coptotermes, schedorhinotermes, and nasutitermes. While these names may sound technical, their common draw to buildings generally results from a pursuit of moisture. They establish nests in nearby trees and then burrow beneath the ground to access houses.

Infestations span from minor to severe, with extreme cases sometimes even audible timber consumption from a short distance.

If you have even the slightest concerned about termites infiltrating your home?

We are Experts with Termites. Contact us today for a completely FREE estimate.

Expert Pest Elimination

At CritterKill, our proficiency extends to the many various commonplace pest predicaments, we can attend commercial and residential properties. From spiders and cockroaches to rodents and avian intruders, our affable team is well-prepared to eradicate infestations and implement preemptive measures.

Cockroach Control

Utilizing comprehensive interior treatments involving spraying, baiting, and interventions on walls or ceilings, we possess the prowess to eliminate cockroach populations within your residential or commercial spaces.

Spider Eradication

Our methodologies encompass a range of techniques to eliminate all spider species, encompassing exterior furniture and garage spraying for redback spiders, exterior treatment for black house spiders, and both indoor and outdoor interventions for huntsman spiders.

Ant Extermination

Employing state-of-the-art techniques, we detect and eliminate all ant species found in and around your dwelling.

Termite Protection

Our adept specialists rely solely on premium baiting and chemical barrier systems to shield your property from termite-induced harm. Our Termidor system comes with an impressive 8-year, 2-million-dollar warranty, instilling genuine peace of mind.

Silverfish Management

By effectively targeting commonly afflicted areas such as cupboards, drains, and beneath appliances, we efficiently eradicate silverfish infestations.

Carpet Beetle Solution

We apply blanket sprays to carpets and affected zones to combat carpet beetle issues, with the option of fumigation for severe infestations.

Rodent Control

Our highly effective baiting programs, coupled with meticulous removal and sealing of food sources, form a comprehensive approach to rodent extermination and control.

Avian Deterrence

Employing traps, baits, and nets, we deter birds from transforming into pests and defiling your premises with droppings.

Commercial Pest Management Services

Tailored Solutions for Businesses

Our services extend to a wide spectrum of commercial establishments, including restaurants, expansive factories, and vineyards. Just as it's vital to maintain a pest-free home, ensuring your business remains pest-free holds equal importance.

Warehouse Solutions

For those grappling with pigeon, rodent, and cockroach issues within warehouses or extensive facilities, or harboring concerns about employee well-being and workplace safety, our warehouse pest control services provide an effective remedy.

Restaurant Support

To ensure your restaurant successfully passes health and safety inspections, rely on us to mitigate rodent or cockroach infestations that could compromise diner well-being.

Office Environment

Common pests exploit gaps, cracks, and openings in your building to infiltrate office spaces. If you detect spiders, mice, or cockroaches in your workspace, prompt action is imperative.

Apartment Complexes

With our specialization in detecting and eliminating pests within apartments and multi-occupancy buildings, CritterKill stands prepared to swiftly and effectively eliminate infestations.

Call us for a free quote on 1300 545 537 (1300 KILLER) Visit our website for more peace of mind

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